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“Common Sense Solutions” don’t exist

Common Sense is a farce. In terms of political discourse and the “great debate of ideas,” it is a meaningless valueless word intentionally used to describe a something purely subjective while insulting the intelligence of anyone that doesn’t agree instantly. Much like “Family values” and “Core moral values” everyone wants to vote for someone who has “common sense,” but none of those terms means or proves anything. While Family Values ad Moral Core Values are often used merely as a smokescreen to hide the immoral and unethical behavior, people claiming “common sense” is on their side can lead to horrible and far reaching policy disasters. Read more of this post


Hard Call: Sarah’s decision in light of John McCain’s book

In the very first few pages of John McCain’s book Hard Call, he talks about George “Bud” Day and his “hard call” of waiting through the night or crawling over a minefield in the dark. John praises Bud for making this Hard Call, as he calls it. I wonder how he would react to Sarah Palin’s quitting. Here’s some of what she said when she quit:

“I cannot express enough there is no plan after July 26. There is absolutely no plan,”

Bud, you see, was shot over Vietnam and captured by the enemy. He escaped his hole, and with a broken knee and thrice-broken arm, crawled 20 miles in 13 days to get within 1 mile of American forces. There, he had to make a decision, he had to make a plan. He could, on the one had, plan to crawl in the dark across a minefield guarded by US soldiers. He was in torn muddy clothing, had dark tanned skin from his trek, and could easily be shot in friendly-fire. Or, he could wait for day. In the light there would be less chance of stepping on a mine and less chance of being mistaken for an enemy. There was also more chance he would be captured in the night. There was also the chance he’d starve before the sun came up, or succumb to the fever than had been burning him.

He decided to wait the night out and make the attempt in the morning. That as his Hard Call. That was his Decision. That was his Plan.

Sarah Palin has no plan. Made no Hard Call. Made no Decision. She quit. She couldn’t handle the heat of her own Republicans accusing her of ethics complaints and so she quit. When the going got hard, she ran away out of cowardice.

I like John McCain. I had hoped he’d win the election. I am relieved Sarah Palin was never given the opportunity to abandon America as Vice President as she has abandoned Alaska as Governor.