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Rush Limbaugh Hates America

Rush Limbaugh:

“A recent drop in the unemployment rate is questionable because it was calculated “over two days of the Thanksgiving week.”


So he was happy when America lost the Olymics, mad when our President got the Nobel Peace Prize, indignant when the president kills some pirates, and upset when the unemployment goes down. What else can explain his reactions than he hates America. As an American that has never once voted for a Democratic president I feel hated. Plus, on top of hating America, he lies to his listeners to make people agree with his violent anti-American propoganda. You see, point of fact, it wasn’t calculated over two days of Thanksgiving. Rush is just Hating America for the hell of it and making up facts and lies about America to make himself not look like the cretin he is. But he is.


We’ll have 140,000 troops in Afghanistan

“We’re going to have more troops (in Afghanistan) . . . than the Russians h

Politifact did a bit on numbers of troops in Afghanistan. Rep. Murtha says we have more than the Russians did, only if you include NATO says politifact. I know it’s an inescapable anology, but it’s also unfair. Frankly, we’re doing a much better job over there.

We aren’t sending more troops because we don’t control the country, we’re sending more to better protect the civilians. Still, its good to know how many people we got over there.

Read the story.