Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

List of Political Book Summaries and Reviews

Quick List of Books

Books listed with author name, book cover, chapters and reviews are listed further down the page.

The Audacity of Hope | The End of Prosperity | The Great Story Ever Sold | Godless | Presidents & Near Presidents I have known | Hard Call | Letter to a new President | End the Fed


The Audacity of Hope

Thoughts on reclaiming the American Dream

By: Brack Obama

Chapter 1-2

Chapters 3-5

Chapters 6-8

Chapter 9 and Epilogue


The End of Prosperity

The End of Prosperity

How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy- If We Let It Happen

By Arthur Laffer ph. D., Stephen Moore, and Peter J. Tanous

Chapters 1-3

Chapters 4-6

Chapters 7-9

Chapters 10-12

Chapters 13-15


The Great Story Ever Sold

The Decline and Fall of TRUTH, from 9/11 to Katrina

By: Frank Rich

Chapters 1 and 2

Chapters 3 and 4

Chapters 5 and 6

Chapters 7 and 8

Chapters 9 and 10



The Church of Liberalism

By: Ann Coulter



Presidents & Near Presidents I have known

By: Lionel Rolfe

Chapters 1 – 3

Chapters 4 – 6

Chapters 7 – 9

Chapters 10 – 14



Hard Call

Great Decisions and the Extraordinary people who made them

Chapter 1

Letter to a new President

Commonsense Lessons for our Next Leader

By: Robert C Byrd with Steve Kettmann

Chapter 1

Chapters 2 – 3

Chapters 4 – 6

Chapters 7 – 10


Fire-Breathing Liberal

How I learned to survive (and thrive) in the contact sport of Congress

By: Robert C Wexler with David Fisher

Summary to come. (eventually….) Review

If anyone out there is interested in donating an original book summary, please let me know.

As I do my summaries and reviews of each book, I get better. I get better at editing, better at formating, better at writing. So if some of the formats are different, it’s because my methods have been evolving. And I’m happy about that, my current format is really good I think. Each chapter has a summary, a review, a few choice quotes from the chapters, and more information. The more information is a kinda a geeky thing. But, for example, if a chapter I’m summarizing is talking about Gold and Alan Greenspan, I link to the Alan Greenspan Wiki page and to page with the current price of gold. See? Horribly geeky but also cool too. Sometimes there are videos, sometimes I just self advertise posts that I think would be interesting follow-ups to the chapters in question.

Please be aware of the difference between a summary and review. If I summarize a book that like topic A, the summary has to be honest to that. The summary isn’t a piece of opinion, it’s simple a condencing of what the author intended as best as I can manage it. The reviews, either at the end of the chapter or the book is where I put in my opinion. Though, as a slight kick to myself, you can sometimes tell if I like a book by how short my summaries are. 😛

My goal is to keep my reading list mostly center, a few right wing books, a few left wing books. My interest is all over the place. I have about 20 books on my bookshelf right now that I’ve read and want to put up, and about 4 on my nightstand I want to read. If anyone has a suggestion for a book, sure, let me know. But expect it to be at the back of the list. Unless of course you can entice me by saying how awesome the book is. 🙂


One response to “List of Political Book Summaries and Reviews

  1. talkandpolitics February 27, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    You’ve tried Nixon and Kissinger by Dallek? I’d like to hear your views on that one..

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