Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Ann Coulter: She makes a good point?

By the way, if this is constitutional, then Republicans should turn around and mandate all citizens be forced to purchase a gun and a Bible. And, there’s a lot more evidence that owning a gun and a Bible is better for society than everyone having to own health insurance. But, if that’s what Congress has the right to do, we can have all kinds of mandates. The interstate commerce clause says Congress can regulate either something that affects interstate commerce or the instrumentalities of interstate commerce. I think the judge, Judge Vinson makes a good case as apparently the plaintiffs did that simply not buying insurance is not an activity.”

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Without being insulting or nasty or evil, (such as that time she suggested we invade Muslim countries and convert them to Christianity, thus restarting the Crusades) Ann Coulter makes a compelling argument.

If the Obama Administration is right, and the Commerce Clause allows you to tax people extra for not having insurance, then they could use that argument to say you have to own a gun. The first amendment would probably protect people from having to own a bible, but the gun part actually makes sense. You can call it an anti-crime bill. Put a gun in every house and (so goes certain arguments) crimes would drop. Thomas Jefferson wanted to draft every single American, making sure everyone owns a gun would be in the same ball park.

Who knew she could make such a compelling and concise argument while keeping her hateful bigoted vile incheck?


One response to “Ann Coulter: She makes a good point?

  1. Anton Tango February 5, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    This individual mandate is the real political killer of any credibility behind the Afforadable Health Care Act. That and exemptions to unions and corporates friendly to the Obama Administration sure don’t help.

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