Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Obama hates the troops BECAUSE he honors them.

The other day Obama gave a speech for memorial day. He was criticized beforehand for not going to Arlington national cemetery.

Two choice examples

Glenn Beck:
“Obama is skipping out on a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery because he’ll be in Chicago on vacation. I’m sorry, I don’t ever, ever question the president’s vacation. I didn’t under Bush, I didn’t under Clinton, I don’t under Obama. . . . I have no problem with the man taking a vacation. But I am sick and tired — sick and tired — of people believing the lie that this administration has respect for the police or has respect for the soldiers of our country. I’m tired of it.”


Erickson: “Obama skipping the Tomb of the Unknowns this weekend for Chicago is offensive.” In a Twitter post, CNN contributor and RedState blogger Erick Erickson wrote: “Obama skipping the Tomb of the Unknowns this weekend for Chicago is offensive. Chicago can wait. The Commander-in-Chief has a job to do.”

Obama likes to ignore his critics, and his critics like to tear him down. What Obama should have done, is gone postal on them. Here’s part of the speech he should have given, from some inside location where it wasn’t raining:

“Today is about remembering those who lived, bled, and died for our freedoms. But some people didn’t want me to come here today. My Right Wing opponents in this country aren’t just making their usual partisan attacks, they are using a national day set aside to memorialize our heroes to attack me for honoring them. I am standing here, today, before you here at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, and that upsets them. The Republicans, and their ideological leaders in the conservative media are upset with me for coming here today. You see, the Republicans don’t really care about honoring our troops. They care about cheap political points. So if they can attack me, they will, even if that means attacking me for coming here to the Lincoln National Cemetery to talk to the families of the troops.

“I want you all to understand that. Right now, all around the country, people are mad at me for coming to meet with you today. They say if I’m any place other than Arlington National Cemetery I’m insulting someone’s family. Well, I have very little to say to them. There’s no reasoning with some people. I’m here to talk to you, the family of those troops buried here, because on Memorial Day it’s important to remember all those who died fighting for us no matter where they died.

“I expect them to be mad at me next year too. Next year I intend to visit the Calverton National Cemetery. My Republican opponents will probably be mad at me for laying some flowers, but I’m going to go and do it anyway.”

I realize that he’d never say any of that, but when he’s attacked for visiting a National Cemeteryon Memorial Day, he should hit back as hard as possible and make the point clear he’s being attacked because he’s a Democrat and they hate him. Unless he shreds them to pieces for these clearly horrible and line-crossing attacks, people won’t realize that the other more complicated attacks are equally horrible. Glenn Beck needs to be torn apart for weeks for what he said; to say that the President doesn’t respect the military because he’s going to a military cemetery is unamerican and vile. If Obama wants to weaken all the other (equally unfounded, but more complicated) lines of attack coming from the crazy right wing infotainers, he needs to crush them on the easy ones.


2 responses to “Obama hates the troops BECAUSE he honors them.

  1. glennbeckbulletin June 3, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    You may enjoy my blog, The Glenn Beck Review, at http://sharethisurlaboutglenbek.wordpress.com I don’t suppose that you’ve written any reviews of Beck’s books.

    • The BookGuy June 3, 2010 at 7:06 pm

      Nice blog friend. You might want to edit your profile, your link takes you to your old blog. 🙂

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