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Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Glenn Beck and O’Reilly vs. Weiner and Olberman

Here’s a clip of Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly discussing a charge against Beck by Congressman Weiner


Wow, Glenn really is really a child. I mean, sure, bits of it are funny. And if they guy just stopped trying to be serious and started being just a Right wing comedian, I’d watch him. Sure, him eating a weiner was funny. I could almost see Jon Stewart doing the same thing. (I remember him making of Boener’s name last year in a similarly funny)

But Bill O’Reilly was trying to actually have a serious conversation and defend Beck, but Beck never even answers the question, which O’Reilly asked twice. If he was anyone else O’Reilly would have become annoyed with him evading the question.

Congressman Weiner is accusing him of intentionally scaring people and talking up gold while selling gold, a sort of conflict of interest. Now, I’ve seen you tube clips of Glenn doing this, pushing gold both during his show and in commercials for goldline. Personally, I see it as perhaps an journalistic failure as she really shouldn’t be getting in commercials pushing things that he’s talking about in his show, but I also don’t see it as a real problem. I mean, if Beck things the economy is on the way down the drain and he believes gold is a good buy, then what he’s doing is moral. Moreover, every cable news commenter has to sell commercial time, and advertisers normally pick shows looking out for specific customers.

But Glenn ignores all of that. He just insists Goldline has a good score with the better business bureau. What’s that got to do with the matter? He’s being accused of impropriety, improperly selling a product while purportedly offering non-biased information. He does defend himself a bit against the “fear mongerer” charge, essentially arguing others agree with him, but I couldn’t take anything he said seriously because of his manner. He really is just a rodeo clown happy to have attention because a Senator is calling him out.

Now here’s a clip with Weiner explaining his side.


A few things, Congressman Weiner isn’t attacking Glenn Beck. He’s mostly attacking Goldline, Glenn Beck was just mentioned among several conservative commentators who hark them. He even defends Beck in part by saying that what he’s doing maybe should be “questioned”. Glenn is acting like he’s being attacked, but really Congressman Weiner is attacking the company for charging a 90% mark up on gold and offering investment advice.

So, there you go. Two videos. Weiner vs. Beck. Olberman vs. O’Reilly. Watch both. Who comes across as the smarter more trustworthy individual. I have no real criticism of O’Reilly’s interview, it’s probably hard to interview someone who’s eating and mumbling through the interview. After watching both, I’d suggest that Glenn may be acting in a morally ambiguous area, but is legally in the clear. If Goldline is both offering investment advice (as is charged) and charged a 90% mark up on gold (as is charged) then that is probably a crime, and Fox News should look very closely into those charges, because the Administration isn’t attacking Glenn, it’s attacking a possible scam company making money off Fox viewers.


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