Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Immigration as it should be, and as it is

I want to do a follow up post on Arizona’s new “Papers please” law. It’s somewhat in response to the mostly negative reaction in the left wing and mainstream media. I think the mistake a lot of people are making, is that they are confusing the world that should be for the world that is.

If the world were as it should be, US immigration laws would never have been written in part by the KKK and passed by Presidents who were themselves Klansman. There never would have been quota limits on countries of color and undesirable races, literacy tests and other difficult hurdles to jump through to become a US citizen. In that world that should have been, Chinese railroad workers wouldn’t have been chased out of towns (only to ironically be replaced by Mexicans, who are now also being chased out). We’d have a guest worker program for people who just want to work over here and we’d have a tax code that didn’t reward companies for hiring illegal immigrants thus failing to pay their fair share of taxes.

That’s the world that shoulda, coulda, woulda been.

In the world that is, the Federal Government has spent decades passing immigration laws that don’t work. They’ve created a mess and have left it to the states to clean up. In this world, the real one, States have a problem and a duty to solve it. Some of the provisions are too harsh for my liking, such as the provision that a legal immigrant can go to jail for 6 months if they don’t carry their papers around with them. But at it’s core, having cops fine law breaking non-citizens is not wrong.

According to their legislature and Governor, Arizona’s economy can’t handle a half million people who are using more than their fair share of services while not paying their fair share in taxes. I hope Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform this year. I hope they establish a path to citizenship for all the people here, an easier system for those on their way, a guest worker program, and a long-term permanent system of finding illegal immigrants and a wall to control our border. Until then, I’d like to see the FairTax enacted so that we can at least limit some of the tax-abuse perpetuated both by illegal immigrants and their employers. Absent any of that, I can’t blame a State for cleaning up the mess in ways other States don’t like.

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