Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Tea Parties: Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul

I think I’ve been making  mental mistake. I’ve said, and I’ve believed, that I like the tea partiers. But I think what I’ve been thinking of is the original tea partiers. The Ron Paul Revolution tea partie were for tax cuts, budget cuts, ending the fed, auditing the fed, closing military bases, against all entitlement programs, bringing our troops home, and ending the patriot act.

I like that stuff. I don’t actually want to close all our bases, and I don’t really know if ending the Fed is the best thing, but his direction is a lot better than the direction we’re headed in.

Sarah Palin’s tea partiers also want lower taxes, but are vague on what they’d cut, don’t talk about the fed, want to keep military bases open, wants to invade Iran, are fighting cuts to medicare, want to invade Iran (Yes, I’m mentioning this twice) and love the patriot act. They’re also for litteracy tests (read racism circ 1950’s) and a lot of them are part of the birther/deather crowd.

So, I suppose what I like is the original tea parties. And I like some of the most funamental ideas of the curernt ones, but the Sarah Palin Tea Parties are not about liberty, strong monetay policy and intelligent foreign policy, they’re about protecting Corporations and going to war with Iran.


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