Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Shout-outs to my followers!

In an attempt (craven? embarrassing? honest? bold? desperate?) to get more people to subscribe to my Blog either through email or Twitter, I’m gonna give a shout out to all five!

So, is this is shameless plug for myself? Yes.


He is a Libertarian running for Congress in Colorado. If you live in Colorado (I live in NJ) go over and check him out. Vote for him if you can! Donate if you can’t! 🙂

He is some kid in the city that wants to sell you something. I think he found me completely randomly and has no idea who I am. He says if you follow him you’ll make money. Well, good for him. I’ll top that. Follow me and you’ll be occasionally amused. Myeh.

I like these people! Go visit! They’re a political group set up by Ron Paul. I comment on their blog (go check! See if I lie!). I think I’ve linked to them once or twice before too. Great information stuff on their sites.

I don’t know who are. I don’t know if you have a blog or a real name or anything at all. That’s very probably not your name, but it is the first part of your email address. And gosh darn, it’s a nice email address. So Hey you! Thanks!

Michael Gross
He blogs over at Brains Not Included he is a fellow wordpresser and has a nice political blog. Go on over, give him a visit, and say you found him through me.

And that’s it. 5. Over twitter and email. Well, in fairness to myself I just got the twitter like 5 days ago, and the email link isn’t exactly a huge link. So here’s a link so you can follow me on Twitter!! Or, if you don’t like/use/understand twitter, down on the bottom of the left hand side bar (under the blogroll, above the empty white space) is a button to push for email subscription. Push it! I don’t send spam or requests for money. If you want to volunteer large sums of money, comment here. I only accept large sums of money in the form of big bills in cloth bags with $ symbols printed on the outside. But boy do I accept them!

Otherwise, I would like to thank the two dozen or so people subscribed to various comments (none of which identify your names) and the various bloggers who’ve linked to me over the past several weeks. Thanks!

There are a lot of people over in Plano Texas reading my post daily, or maybe just one guy reading my blog entirely too often. So, shout out for Texas!

Lastly, I’ve had a great deal of fun blogging here over the past several months and I would like to thank everyone who has commented or visited for making it all just a little bit funner. Thank you.

The  BookGuy


One response to “Shout-outs to my followers!

  1. writerdood February 8, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Keep up the good work.
    I’ve enjoyed your writing.

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