Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

A Conservative rant about Republicans

I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here, so forgive me. First, let me be clear about being mostly-conservative, kinda libertarian, almost anarchist. 

  • I’m a supply sider
  • I’m for a constitution amendment against flag burning
  • I’m for torturing terrorists
  • I’m for warranties wiretaps of terrorists
  • I’m for the death penalty and against abortion
  • I’m against card check
  • I’m for low taxes
  • I’m for less social government spending
  • I was okay with attacking Saddam (though I freely acknowledge the administration did the job horribly)
  • I’m for limited government
  • I’m for guns
  • I’m against cap and trade

For those and other reasons, I can’t be a democrat. That said, the Republicans are absolutely monstrously demons ratably horrible. They’re arguments are all lies. 

Our country is facing our hardest struggle in a generation and while the Democrats are screwing up and the Republicans are refusing to honestly participate, the vast majority of the media have their hands in their pants wondering who Tiger Woods had sex with.

I’m against the current health care bill, not because of the Republican Talking Points of death panels and euthanasia and long Nazi waiting lines, but because it doesn’t do enough to cut costs, probably raises costs, doesn’t do enough to increase interstate competition and doesn’t do anything for tort reform. Instead of my side (conservatives) fighting their side on policy, my side is throwing stupid lies, and their side is going to pass a bad bill. Everyone loses. 

I think we should close Guantanamo Bay, for the same reasons Colin Powel did, it looks bad. I don’t care if we put them on US soil in a maximum security prison, they won’t get out. This asinine fear that they’ll escape is simply fear-mongering. My side should instead simply be holding hearings making sure the prison they’re sent to is up to the job. 

I think full body scanners are absolutely great. James Carville said something about being willing to let the TSA measure his dick if it’ll help make the planes safer. I know democrats are concerned with safety issues, and I’m (very little tiny bit) concerned with letting some government bureaucrat get his hands on nekid pictures of everyone, but come on! My side should be demanding full body scanners at every air port. Instead, my side is insisting that Barrack Obama doesn’t use the word terrorism or the phrase war on terrorism. Well, the first is a lie and the second is just stupid. We’re not at war with terrorism, we’re at war with Al Qaeda. We can’t bomb terrorism. We can bomb and kill and main and (hopefully) torture Al Qaeda. Straight up, I like that Obama knows who our enemy is. We’re not at war with the vague concept of terror, we’re at war with a specific subset of Muslim extremists who want to kill us. But instead of helping the current administration with that war effort, they attack him for semantics. 

Their side is afraid of taking nekid pictures of people with a body scanner and wants to limit wiretaps on terrorists, my side wants to lie about word usage. They’re side wants to book the terrorist in civilian court (I’m against) my side wants to pretend that is the equivalent of Obama not knowing we’re at war (it isn’t). Instead of a good policy argument about using the military to interrogate a soldier of an enemy organization, my side is going on TV trying to say that 9/11 didn’t happen under Bush, that it happened under Clinton and was inherited by Bush. These assholes are actually arguing that there were no terrorist attacks under Bush. 

These assholes are actually arguing that there were no terrorist attacks under Bush.

Shoe bomber? LA gunning? Anthrax? DC Sniper? FYI people, I lived in Maryland at the time. I lived thought he DC Sniper panic. You want terrorism, that was terrorism. The entire tri-state area was terrorized. And, of course, 9/11. That counts. LOSING THE WORLD TRADE CENTER, THE DEAD AT THE PENTAGON, FOUR DOWNED PLANES AND 3000 DEAD IN ONE ATTACK COUNTS!!! 9/11 counts in a big way. It could have been stopped, it should have been stopped, and we should have demanded that those who failed to do so were properly punished. Yes people on the Right, there were terrorist attacks under Bush. There were a whole lot of them. And when our side lies about it, it makes our side look like idiots. Then, when we say more body scanners please, we have no credibility. We should be arguing that giving the underwear bomber a lawyer right away is a bad way to get intelligence. No, that doesn’t mean Democrats are evil and love terrorists, but I think they’re dead wrong there. And yeah, Bush was wrong when he treated the shoe bomber the same way. 

On Global warming, our side just stamps our feet and lies that the globe hasn’t gotten any hotter. This is the hottest decade on recording. Instead of making the asinine argument that nothing has happened and man isn’t responsible, my side should be pointing out that the kinds of savings cap and trade will deliver are trivial next to the affect it will have on the economy. If global warming is a problem, the democratic solution won’t fix it, it will only slow the problem, and at great economic cost. But that’s policy. I’d love to sit down with Al Gore and discuss different solutions to handling global warming. Instead my side just insists that C02 is good for plants. 

Here’s a video from Rachel Maddow, a far left Liberal who often states opinions that makes me wince, but she is one of the best journalists out there actually investigating the policy and words of politicians. (Hey, Maddow, just because you can find a few Hitler-Obama signs at a Tea Party doesn’t mean you should discredit the entirety of it’s attendees. Just because some of them are so angry they act stupid doesn’t mean Americans should be happy about bailing out the biggest banks with the tax dollars of Americans facing 10% unemployment. Show some respect for your fellow citizens.) Here’s a recent dissection of the failure of the Republican Party to oppose the Obama Administration properly. I don’t agree with all of her politics, but she’s dead on about the absolute flailing of the Republicans. They’re spewing hate and lies in all directions without any love of country. 

Here’s another one from her. This one is interviewing Ron Paul, one of the most conservative people around. Now, the interview doesn’t have much heat, very little red meat. Watch it instead to see how a Republican should act. How a liberal media talking head should act. Watch how two people on the political extremes of each other are able to have a wonderfully civil conversation about policy and politics wit Hough shouting each other down or lying about each other. This is what we need. 

I would love to see Ron Paul on her show more often, perhaps a 1v1 debate between them on various matters. No yelling or name calling, just honest-to-god debate on the policy. 

In closing, I suppose I’ll just close as I opened. I can’t be a democrat because they’re wrong. I can’t be a Republican because they lie and fear monger and are nearly as often wrong. 

Out country is facing the worst economic disaster in our history. We’ve gone an entire decade with zero job growth. We’re at war with an enemy that won’t show themselves in two countries that don’t like us. We’ve got China, Russia and India growing economic competitors. Healthcare is strangling this country and we have a national debt of close to 75 trillion. Our country is facing our hardest struggle in a generation and while the Democrats are screwing up and the Republicans are refusing to honestly participate, the vast majority of the media have their hands in their pants wondering who Tiger Woods had sex with.

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