Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Obama betrays America and Democracy yet again?

When the industry support comes with an industry-sponsored ad campaign in favor of that legislation, the threat to democracy is even greater. Citizens end up paying for advertisements designed to persuade them that the legislation is in their interest. In this case, those payments come in the form of drug prices that will be higher than otherwise, stretching years into the future. 

Read the story.

Right now the Pharmacy Industry has agreed to back Obama’s reform plan. They’ve agreed to do this in exchange for Obama making sure they stay very profitable. On the surface it’s benign, “I’ll help you help American as long as you make sure we don’t go out of business.” Robert Reichof the Wallstreetpit disagrees. He sees it as an attack on democracy. The President has just changed legislation that will hurt his voters by increasing drug costs, he did this in exchange for those very same companies spending some of their profits convincing voters that this is in their best interests. 

I hadn’t thought about the healthcare debate in this light, and found this article making a really good argument. Especially “Any Democrats and progressives who might be reading this should ask themselves how they’ll feel when a Republican White House cuts such deals to advance its own legislative priorities.” 

It actually is a bit scary having the government and big industry tag-team the population into agreeing to something. I wonder if I’d feel more pissed off about it if it wasn’t for something I agree with. I mean, I’ve personally believed for a long time in the one-party idea that we really only have one party, Big Industry, democrats and Republicans are two heads of the same coin. It’s not a conspiracy theory, but a theory based on the end-results. So if Big Pharm is totally for this bill, then that worries me.

That all said, right now, I’m not going to begin panicking. A group of Americans went to the President. They explained a problem they had with a certain bill. The President promised to protect American industry from too much government intervention, and now that group of Americans is supporting it’s bill. That is democracy. It’s messy sometimes, but it is democracy. The clincher to me, is that Obama didn’t give up anything they didn’t already have. He promised not to add more government intervention. If that’s the promise it takes to get Healthcare reform, so be it. 

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