Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Afghans struggle with addiction: Should we care?

Beg says that for him all hope is lost. Even after he is buried, it’ll take 70 years for the opium to ooze out of his bones. His hope, he says, are his grandkids — the only people in the family who are not yet addicts.

As Beg is getting high on a recent morning, the 1-year-old crawls over and starts playing with the opium pipe. He picks it up and shakes it, as if it were a rattle. Then, imitating his grandfather, he raises the pipe to his mouth.

Afghan is the worlds leading producer of Opium, this despite Americas pressence. There villages are becoming horribly addicted to this heroin, bad enough they’re selling there kids for a fix. If nothing is done, these Afghan villages and tribes will just die off.

Now, I am a Libertarian. I say let people live their life. Give me my way, and most drugs would be legal. This story is a bit upsetting because this is what happens when people live their lives without government interference. Somalia is free of government intrusion too.

I wonder if maybe people need a strong government hand to get them on the right path? I wonder what the libertarian responce to this problem is, as I don’t have an answer. Maybe libertarian policies can only work in more civilized societies?

Maybe some drugs really are too powerful to be a legal option? Or maybe if we legalized it and grew it over here, they wouldn’t have so much pressure to get addidcted to it? Lastly, should we care? Should we care that some muddy Afghan village is dying off? Doesn’t hurt us, let them die off?

And lastly I wonder, why the hell are they getting the one-year-old addicted? Clearly they know it’s bad.

Read the story.


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