Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Political Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

Unemployment hits 9.5% and I need a fax.

So yesterday wasn’t do productive. I tried to buy my hosting service. I’ve decided on blue host/hostmonster. Sadly, my name is similar (in some way they wouldn’t explain) to some other guy that had done fraud. So now I have to fax them a copy of my photo ID and credit card to prove I’m legit. But I have niether the ID nor fax. So, new to-do items: Get ID and Fax copies.

I made the first B-Note. Yay! And did another chapter summary. Yay! I’m leaving them on my computer until I can move them to their new home.

On the topic of politics, I saw that unemployment hit 9.5% today. Holy f. Mind you, I think we were all expecting it, but it’s still a kick to the gut. It’s easy to blame Bush. But this snowball has too many names in it to just point at him.

Clinton was involved in the deregulations, so was Obamas’ Staff. Bush helped feed the monster. And then Obama *said* he would follow Keynesian economics, but failed to. Of that 787 Billion stimulous bill, only 40% was stimulous. The rest was pork to buy bills. How sad it is we have to bribe our own Senators to save us.

And of that 40%, the vast majority was scheduled for long term stuff. Only like 10% was put to creating jobs. Politicians, enabled by the ineptitude of the Media, managed to do the worst job possible.

But don’t give undue credit to Republicans. Thier protests were against the *policy* of Keynes and the *person* of Obama. Because their arguments were all nonsense, they failed to get any traction outside thier own political base. Being right is nice, but the argument that gets you there is 100% of the battle. And only a good argument can stand as a base for moving forward. Being right for the wrong reasons still makes you wrong.


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